This is the mini-series finale for my picture series in Gallery 5. In the Flash movie, I leave Aladdin in a rather precarious situation, and, frankly, I have no idea what happens next. Feel free to imagine your own ending.

Once again, I completed the animation in Flash 5, and it took roughly 25 hours to create. The soundtrack, from "Beauty and the Beast", is track "Transformations 2" from the "Music Behind the Magic" CD set. Also, the background from the last shot in the movie is a background example from "Aladdin : The Making of an Animated Film" which I scanned and altered in Photoshop 6.

Within the movie, right-click and you'll find a menu which allows you to control the movie options, such as Play, Stop, Loop, etc. Also, be sure to click the Zoom In selection in the drop-down menu as the visuals are small.

Enjoy the movie!

Click for movie

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