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Here's a fanfic that I wrote all about our favorite Disney characters, 
Aladdin and Jasmine, with Mozenrath as the villain!

   Mozenrath’s Legacy        
    Evelyn B.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Epilogue

The following story has nothing to do with the writers of Disney and only uses the character’s names and histories. This is what I think could happen next in the story of Aladdin, and I, in no way, want to make money off of this -- I just want to share with you, the reader, what could happen next in this exciting fairy tale.

The following story will only truly make sense to you if you have seen all three Disney’s Aladdin movies and have seen the cartoon series. This story starts right where the last movie leaves off -- their wedding night.


~Chapter 1~

It was their wedding night. Aladdin and Jasmine had endured much to get to this long awaited moment. Aladdin’s father had just ridden into the moonlight with Iago flying at his side when Aladdin and Jasmine returned from a late night carpet ride and were looking forward to a romantic night.

Aladdin was getting ready in the on-suite with the door closed while Jasmine, aware of every detail, was also preparing. While she was untucking the blankets on the honeymoon bed, a great gust of wind suddenly blew in through the open window. Startled, Jasmine gazed into the shadow cast by the drapes and saw a tall, dark silhouette with white eyes gleaming, looking straight at her.

Jasmine let out a short, blood-curdling scream before she collapsed onto the white marble floor. Hearing the scream, Aladdin flung open the door to the bedroom and desperately searched for the reason Jasmine screamed. But he found neither the cause nor Jasmine!

After a sleepless night of worrying for our hero and his friends, dawn came like a welcomed spring shower. Aladdin got up, not sure of what he should do next. He figured ‘What good am I going to do in bed. I’ve got to find Jasmine! Well, with genie and the palace guards on the lookout for anything suspicious, I can at least get ready for the day.’ And that is what he did. He rose and stepped into the bathroom and locked the door. After ten minutes, Aladdin emerged and spotted someone in a wedding dress on the bed with face turned away. Cautiously creeping towards the slumbering stranger, Aladdin was shocked at what he found! There on the bed was Jasmine! Running the last few feet to her side, Aladdin tried to wake her,  ”Jasmine? Jasmine, are you all right?” She stirred ever so slightly and opened her eyes.

“Aladdin?...Is that you?”

“Yeah, it’s me.” Aladdin said, relieved.

“Where am I? What happened?”

“You’re in the palace, safe and sound. I was about to ask you what happened. You don’t remember?”

“No.” Jasmine answered, feeling a sense of panic. “I don’t remember anything. At least about last night. It’s all a blur--like some half-remembered dream.”

“Well,” Aladdin soothed, ”try to recall everything you can and let me know, okay?”                       

"All right, I’ll try.” Jasmine promised, not quite sure if that promise would be fulfilled or not.

Noticing the unsure expression on her face, Aladdin added, ”Maybe getting back to a normal routine will help you to relax.” 

“I think that will work.”

She lazily, wearily sat up. All of a sudden, she felt very light-headed. It was as if her head had transformed into a balloon.


“Jasmine? What’s wrong?”

“I feel so dizzy. What’s the matter with me, Aladdin?”

“I don’t know. But I’ll sure try to find out, somehow. Here,” offering her his hand, "see if you can stand up. I’ll catch you if you fall.”

Looking at his eyes completely melted her, even if they were a little blurry.

“Do you trust me?” he asked innocently.

Smirking at his effort at humor, she gave him her hand and her trust. Together, they slowly slid off the edge of the bed. Jasmine found that, while she was still weak, she did have enough strength to stand on her own.

Aladdin let go of her, and not only was she able to stand, but she could walk as well. Feeling very reassured, Jasmine smiled for the first time that day.  She could vaguely remember that she hadn’t smiled at all where she had been earlier, and that thought troubled her.

Determined to get back to normal, she stated, “I’m going to get ready for the day. I’ll be in the on-suite if anything happens.”

“Well, okay.” Aladdin answered, ”if you’re sure you have enough strength.”

“I’m sure, and, Aladdin? Thank-you.”

“Heh, no problem, Princess.”

Later that evening in the bed chambers, Jasmine, still feeling a bit queasy, approached Aladdin with a worried look on her face. She was wearing an old dress that was far too big for her. Noticing her look of uneasiness, he asked, “Hey, Jasmine. What’s wrong?” Then he noticed her choice of clothes.

“Um, what’s with the dress?”

In an effort to explain, Jasmine said, “It’s all I could find that fit me.”

“What? But you have plenty of clothes!”

“I know! But all of a sudden my waist has grown so large that they don’t fit me anymore! I don’t know what’s wrong. This morning, I was as thin as I have always been, and I haven’t eaten enough today to make me so...uh...plump.”

“Well,” Aladdin comforted, "you’re still as beautiful as you’ve always been, though, this is odd.”

“It’s more than odd, it’s scary. It’s as if I’m...dare I say it...pregnant.”

Now that really set the alarm bells off in Aladdin’s head.

“PREGNANT! But how? We’ve”

“I know! I honestly don’t see how this could be happening!”

“Allow me to answer some of your questions, Princess.” sneered a slick, smooth, menacing voice.

“What?” the couple said in unison. “Mozenrath?”




~Chapter 2~

“Hi, kids.”

“Mozenrath!” Aladdin shouted, ”What are you doing here? Did you do this to Jasmine?”

“What can I say? Guilty as charged.”

Suddenly, the guards stormed in, led by Rasoul. “What’s all the shouting about?” The guards gasped as they noticed the uninvited company. “Mozenrath!?!” They exclaimed in unison. “We are all going to die!” panicked Fazal.

“Not if I can help it!” Rasoul challenged.

“I suggest you keep your thugs in line, Aladdin,” countered Mozenrath, ”or things could get...unnecessarily ugly.”

Aladdin motioned with his hand for the guards to back down. Still not one to follow Aladdin’s orders, Rasoul looked to Jasmine for confirmation. He got it. Rasoul ordered his men to stand down. They knew enough to keep their swords at the ready anyway.

“Wise choice.” Mozenrath quipped, ”Now, you’re all probably wondering what I’m doing here. I won’t keep you in suspense. Jasmine is pregnant.”

The guards gasped.

Aladdin’s blood began to boil, while fear threatened to envelop Jasmine. “What have you done to her?” Aladdin demanded.

“Nothing really. She’s carrying my heir, that’s all.”

Enraged by his callousness, Aladdin spurted, ”That’s all?!?”

“Yes.” Mozenrath answered, ”As you may remember, the life of my body is constantly drained by my gauntlet. I have even less time now and I must find someone who will carry on my legacy. Since you, Aladdin, rejected my spirit, I have decided to produce my legacy. Princess Jasmine plays a vital role in this business for she carries that legacy.”

Jasmine became weak again. ”Oh...Aladdin?” she whispered.

“Jasmine!” He held her close as Mozenrath went on.

“Alas, I don’t have time to raise a child and teach them my magic once they’re of age. So I obviously could not use the...heh...conventional methods.  Through hours of research, I developed a way to produce a child through magic. So, my dear princess, you may still consider yourself a virgin. You are simply a means to an end. Actually, you should be flattered, Jasmine, for I chose you to be the so-called mother of my child.”

Regaining some of her strength, Jasmine questioned Mozenrath, ”How can I possibly be almost three months pregnant now when I was normal this morning?”

“It’s all part of the spell, Princess.” Mozenrath sneered,” In order for me to be able to train my heir, they would have to grow at an increased rate. I’m estimating here, but I would say that for every twelve hours you gain three or so months worth to your pregnancy. In a few weeks, when the child is almost an adult, I’ll teach them the antidote for the spell, so they will age at a normal rate. By that time, they’ll be as powerful as me. But enough of this ‘bean-spilling’ with the masses. I have instructions for you, Princess, along with your husband.”

“How do you know Jasmine will carry the baby to term?” Aladdin challenged.       

“Oh, come on, Aladdin.” Mozenrath laughed,” Don’t you think I know you well enough to be sure that you wouldn’t do anything to harm the child? Like I’ve said before, you’re not that ruthless. So, you see, you don’t really have much of a choice in this matter, Jasmine. The child will grow up here at the palace for as long as it needs a mother. I will return and retrieve my child at that time. You, Jasmine, are to have nothing to do with the child after that point. Is that clear?

“So you expect her to just give up her child? Just like that?” Aladdin said, completely exasperated.

“Princess Jasmine will.” He answered coldly. Then he swung his cape over his body and disappeared in a flash of blue and black fiery smoke.

Jasmine peered up at Aladdin, who was still holding her. She could sense his heart beating faster and faster. Her own wasn’t much different. She felt so many emotions at the same time. How could this be happening to me? Jasmine suddenly felt a dull pain in her stomach. The baby had just kicked. She reached down to feel the life growing inside her. The child kept kicking. She felt the force of the baby’s foot against her trembling hand. It seemed to get bigger even as she felt it.



~Chapter 3~

In the throne room, after explaining what Mozenrath had said to the Sultan and Genie, Aladdin waited for their responses.

“This is absolutely preposterous! That fiend! Jasmine, my dear, I’m so sorry.” the Sultan comforted.

Genie offered, ”Man, I knew that wizard boy was twisted, and I thought he’d done some pretty rotten things in his life, but this just plain takes the WHOLE cake!!!”

Abu was on Aladdin’s shoulder and he, forever loyal, hugged Aladdin’s neck, while Carpet flew over to Jasmine, who was on a chair, and lovingly patted her hands with his tassles. Rajah nuzzled his nose against her arm.

“So, what do you suggest, Sultan?” questioned Aladdin.

“Well, my boy, I suppose we’ll just have to see this pregnancy through. From what you’ve told me, it shouldn’t last long. I do fear for Jasmine’s health, though. Just look how fatigued she is already! Jasmine dear, you really should get some sleep. It’s very late and you’ll need it. We can do nothing more now.”

Taking her father’s advice, Jasmine agreed, ”Yes, you’re right, Father. Aladdin,” she asked, ”could you help me? I’m so tired I can barely walk.”

“Of course, Jasmine. Here,” he offered his hands, ”can you stand up?”

“I think so.” She attempted to stand, but her weary legs gave way under her. Aladdin caught her just in time.

“Carpet.” he called. The rug quickly flew near Jasmine and Aladdin set her on Carpet. He gently carried her out of the throne room while Aladdin walked beside the rug and held his wife’s hand.

“Goodnight, everyone.” Aladdin said.

“Goodnight, Aladdin.” answered the Sultan, ”See you in the morning.”

“Ga’night, Al.” Genie offered.

Aladdin and Jasmine made their way to their chambers, carpet floating off once he had softly deposited Jasmine onto the bed.  She sighed.  There was such emotion in that one action of her’s. Aladdin heard weariness, anger, determination, fear, and most of all, he heard the question,”Why?” 

Standing next to the nightstand, Aladdin gazed down upon his love, her still beautiful features reminded him of the first time he saw her. Over three years had passed since that day, and here they were with perhaps the most life-changing dilemma staring them in the face. Jasmine was to have a child; one born of sorcery.  A child they would raise for merely a week. Then Mozenrath would come and expect them to relinquish the young boy or girl without incident. Of course they would, for they did not want any harm to come to the child. But, regardless of the heritage of the toddler, it would not be easy. Jasmine was still the mother.  She would still feel a connection to the child, no matter what, and that bond would not be broken simply because of the distance that would separate mother and child.

“I’ll bring ‘round the couch near the bed.” Aladdin said, ”I’d imagine you’ll be uncomfortable enough tonight. But I’ll be right here, so don’t worry about anything.” He knew that was now impossible, but he tried his best to soothe her.

Jasmine smiled weakly but she winced. The baby had kicked her. Is this how it was going to be all night? Not bothering to change into anything else, she rolled back the covers and climbed into bed. The soft mattress relieved some of the pain in her back, for which she was grateful. Aladdin offered her a small pillow which she motioned to put under her feet. He draped the light covers over her and smiled. Jasmine returned the smile and whispered,


Aladdin nodded and walked into the on-suite to change. After donning his ‘street-rat’ clothes, he splashed his face with some cool water from the basin. That felt good. After drying off, he retrieved a glass and filled it with fresh, chilled water and returned to his bride. He quietly set the glass onto the nightstand, not wanting to disturb Jasmine who was already dozing. She needed all the rest she could get. He smiled again and got some towels from the on-suite and neatly piled them on the floor near the bed. Who knows how soon she would give birth? Near as Aladdin could tell, it would be early morning. Best to be prepared.

Laying back on the couch, he pulled the covers up to his chin and turned so he could see Jasmine, only a few feet away from him. Content with the fact that he could do nothing more, he swayed off to a rejuvenating, yet fitful, sleep.

As the sun came up, Aladdin awoke to the quiet groaning of Jasmine. His eyes popped open and he sat up and looked at her. She was breathing erratically and drops of sweat were gathering on her forehead and temples. She gave him a look of determination and he ran to the doors, threw them open and told the guard on duty to get the royal physician.

He was there in a flash with supplies and a midwife. Aladdin knelt beside Jasmine and helped her to sit up.

The doctor quietly spoke to Aladdin, "I’m afraid you’ll have to wait outside the door. Jasmine is in good hands. We’ll come get you when the baby is born.”

Reluctantly, Aladdin agreed and kissed Jasmine’s forehead, “I love you. You’ll do great.”

She gazed into his eyes and nodded with appreciation.  Aladdin slowly turned away and walked out into the hall where the Sultan, Genie, Abu, and carpet waited anxiously. They closed the double doors and prayed silently, for they knew that even though the child had been conceived by sorcery, the birth would still be as hard as ever.

As the minutes passed, the group could hear the muffled sounds of the doctor giving directions to the midwife and Jasmine’s cries of pain. Knowing his place was out here in the hall, Aladdin still longed to be in there with his wife, to comfort her, soothe her, and do anything possible to strengthen her.  He paced back and forth as the Sultan and the guys looked on, worried expressions in their faces as well.

Aladdin was now standing still by the door, his arm leaning against the wall. He was trying to concentrate on the sounds he heard from the other side of the wall. The sultan was motionless by the other door with carpet ‘standing’ beside him comforting him. Genie looked at Al with a concerned expression, hovering above the floor, nervously knocking his knuckles together. 

In the room, the excitement level seemed to have risen, and the group listened in earnest.  Suddenly, everything went quiet. Aladdin’s head jerked up and he looked to the door. What was going on in there? A few soft slaps were heard and then...


At the sound of the baby’s cry, everyone exhaled their collective breaths. The group, Aladdin and the Sultan in particular, were more than anxious to get in there and check on the new mother and her child. The door swung open quietly and the royal physician appeared. He had a smile on his face and motioned for the Sultan and Aladdin to enter. When Genie, Abu, and Carpet tried to come too the doctor said, ”Just the family for now. Princess Jasmine is weak.” Upon hearing this, Aladdin gazed at Jasmine then at the doctor and back again. He forced his feet to walk faster, even though his legs felt like jelly. Aladdin arrived at Jasmine’s side as the worried Sultan knelt by the other side of the bed. 

“Jasmine?” Aladdin asked, “Are you all right?

She looked at the baby she held in her arms, then up at Aladdin and her father and whispered, ”’s a girl.”

That’s all the answer they needed. As Aladdin wiped the matted hair from Jasmine’s forehead, he stared down at the tiny bundle in his wife’s arms. It wasn’t his child, yet he still loved the baby.

“Have you chosen a name, dearest?” inquired the Sultan.

Jasmine replied, “Her name is Reseda Kaamilah, for I pray she will someday bring perfect healing.”



~Chapter 4~

Six days had passed since Reseda was born and she was growing fast! Amazingly, she was already the equivalent of a three-year-old toddler, walking and talking. Jasmine was exhausted trying to keep up with Reseda, and Aladdin helped all he could. The pregnancy, although only one and a half days long, left Jasmine very weak, and she was only now recovering.

Aladdin had his hands full, too. As the new Prince, though not crowned, he had his responsibilities outside the palace, throughout the city, and in the marketplace. But if he wasn’t there, then he was helping Jasmine with the baby. Genie, Carpet, and Abu also did their best to amuse the toddler to give the princess a break.

Everyone knew that it wouldn’t be long until Mozenrath returned for the child, and Aladdin and Jasmine knew there was nothing they could do to stop him. Their lives would go on just as before, as the newly-weds began their life together, but there would be no telling what Mozenrath would be instilling in his daughter.

The following day, Jasmine was in the dining hall alone with Reseda. The mother and daughter were playing dolls on a blanket together after dinner as the sun began to set, ”Oh, what’s this, Reseda? What is this called?”

“Dawlie!” exclaimed the toddler.

“That’s right! Good for you! You’re a big girl, aren’t you?”

Reseda beamed at the compliment and sat her dolls down so they could play in the make-believe menagerie. As Jasmine gazed at her daughter--her princess--she realized something. Reseda doesn’t even realize that she’s different. She’s completely happy being herself. Jasmine then felt a dagger of fear pierce her heart. What kind of life will she have in the Land of the Black Sand? What kind of horrors will she see with Mozenrath as her father and teacher?

Trying to concentrate solely on their time together, Jasmine continued to play with Reseda. As Jasmine was walking the doll through the ‘menagerie’ she felt she was in a shadow. She furrowed her brow as Reseda looked up behind her mother and her eyes went wide. Noticing the surprise on Reseda’s features, Jasmine swiftly turned around and saw boots as black as pitch.

“I’ve come for the child, princess.”

Jasmine stared into the cold eyes of Mozenrath. He held an arrogant smirk on his pale face. Jasmine quickly jumped up and scooped up Reseda from the blanket on which they were playing. Holding her tight, Jasmine stood firm.

Seeing the resolve in her expression, Mozenrath sneered, ”Now, now, princess. I think we’re both in agreement that we don’t want anything unnecessary to happen to the child. I have come for her and I will leave with her. I will not hesitate to put you in restraints if need be, but don’t you think that would just traumatize her? And I do not believe calling any of the guards in will help either.” Mozenrath maintained his dominance by staring the princess down.

Jasmine paused to consider the situation. She knew this day would come and had resolved in her mind to give up the child but not to give up. She slowly relented and put Reseda down. Jasmine crouched so she was eye-level with her daughter and spoke softly to her, ”Now, Reseda honey. You’re going to go live with this man. I need you to be strong. I know you may not understand what this means but you need to follow what your heart tells you. Just remember those words and soon you’ll understand. All right?”

Reseda nodded rapidly and cupped her mother’s chin in her chubby hands and said, ”I lub yoo!”

A tear in her eye, Jasmine smiled, ”I love you too, Reseda.”

Sick of this display of emotion, Mozenrath walked over to the toddler and her mother and took hold of the child’s hand. Walking away, he stopped and turned around and glared at Jasmine,

”By the time Zaheerah Salmah is done with you and your wretched family, you will wish you had never crossed me, princess!” He smirked as Jasmine’s feet gave way under her and she collapsed onto her knees. Jasmine gazed into her daughter’s eyes and then into Mozenrath’s. Seeing the hate in his eyes she was filled with fear and stretched out her hand.


Fanfic1.jpg Fanfic1_Closeup_Moz.jpg Fanfic1_Closeup_Reseda.jpg

With that, the Lord of the Land of the Black Sand and Zaheerah were enveloped in blue and black fire.

Hearing the scream, the palace guards burst through the door and Rasoul demanded, ”What’s going on here!?!”

Aladdin ran through the open doorway and his eyes fell onto his wife. He raced over to her and, realizing what had just taken place, he fell to his knees and gathered Jasmine into his arms. Feeling she could finally let out the pain, Jasmine buried her face in Aladdin’s chest and sobbed.

Aladdin deeply despised Mozenrath for still having this much power over Jasmine that the wizard could reduce her to a heap. He was angry at himself for not being able to protect her better. When they were wed a week and a half ago, he had vowed to himself that, now that he and Jasmine were married, he wouldn’t let anything hurt her. The fact that Mozenrath seemed immune to Aladdin's mental defenses enraged the young hero. Aladdin felt as if he had failed his wife as he lowered his face to her hair. ”I’m so sorry, Jasmine. I’m so sorry,” he whispered.

The guards looked on in bewilderment and sorrow.




Everyone missed having a baby around. The guys missed playing with her, the Sultan missed having the laughter of a child once again fill the palace, and Aladdin and Jasmine missed the face of hope and potential they had gazed into. They longed for the beautiful vessel that they could pour all of their love into, and watch grow. But no longer did they have such a presence in their lives.

As Jasmine lay at the foot of her bed, her arms wrapped around an oversized pillow, she gazed out the window. She was determined to see her daughter again, and this time, she would not fail her. 


The End


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