Resident Cyclopian Wizard: I was watching "A Prophet Motive" the other day, and it struck me--there is a shot of a young Fasir in the episode that no one has really explored before. So, I thought I'd recreate young Fasir's character design.


Fasir the Hero: Since we only ever see Fasir as an old beggar who is somewhat passive as he guides our heros along, I thought it would be interesting to see him in his youth fighting a magical foe in the streets of Agrabah.


Seems to me like Mozenrath would have this hanging somewhere in the Citadel.


And perhaps a matching one hangs in another hall.


It fascinates me what makes Aladdin angry. Here, I imagine someone just woke him up in the middle of the night at the palace with some rather bad news.

Al _Jas_Morning.jpg

I originally wanted to do more of an animated picture with this one, such as a .gif, but as it is now is cute, too.


Aladdin braces for a fight.


Aladdin considers his options.


There is no lack of surprises out in the desert.


Whom should he trust?


Aladdin is unsure how to proceed.


This is Arbutus, the plant elemental, from the episode "Garden of Evil." I wanted to try drawing a new character -- to branch out, as it were, heh.


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